HRU (Fostering a culture of inclusion: avoiding harassment and respecting diversity)
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8/15/2019 08:00 AM
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8/15/2019 12:00 PM
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CAMC University
Tracey Suppa-Todd
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Management/Manager Approval
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25 [19 seats available]
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Management/Manager Approval
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Management/Manager Approval
Tracey Suppa-Todd, PHR -
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CAMC Institute Education and Training Center - Classrooms C&D
This comprehensive module will define harassment and will focus on recognizing different types of harassment and remedying a harassment situation. Many times, harassment in the workplace results from a disrespect of difference, so this program will also give an in-depth look at diversity and how it impacts workplace performance. Explore the various dimensions of diversity including a focus on cultural, generational, and organizational differences in this thought-provoking session. Completion of this module will help attendees better understand the differences among their staff and learn how they can help to foster a culture of inclusion at CAMC.
Presenter: Tracey Suppa-Todd Due to temperature fluctuations of conference rooms, please wear layers of clothing and/or bring a coat or sweater. Our apologies are extended as the temperature is not always within our control.
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Other 3.00