Leadership Development (Building and Sustaining Trust)
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8/21/2019 08:00 AM
Program End:
8/21/2019 12:00 PM
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CAMC University
CAMCU Facilitator
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Training and Development
Class Size:
30 [4 seats available]
Primary Audience:
Front-line leaders - Managers and Directors
Secondary Audience:
Management/Manager Approval
CAMC University - camcuniversity@camc.org
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CAMC Institute Education and Training Center - Classrooms A&B
This course introduces Trust Builders, actions leaders can take to build and sustain trusting relationships, as well as common Trust Breakers that can erode or quickly break trust. Applying these skills to build trusting relationships enables people to take risks, identify and solve problems, and collaborate to achieve business results. PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES: Helps leaders: Recognize how trust in the workplace affects business results, Analyze their role in building and sustaing trust, Identify common workplace behaviors that can build, sustain, or break trust, Demonstrate behaviors that show they trust others, as well as give people the confidence to trust them, Use interaction skills to foster open communication, build and maintin trusting relationships, and repair damaged ones.
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Nursing PO15-18-17127 (expJan 30,2019) 4.00
Nursing JA00026-21-19-112 4.00
Other 4.00